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Boyles Solicitors Dundee
Boyles Solicitors Dundee

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Some Estate agents brag too much about their selling skills and are more interested in marketing themselves. The reality is that if your house is competently marketed it will sell at the price it should sell for. The price achieved will be basically determined by the home report, general and local demand and the use of sensible Marketing techniques by Boyles i.e.

  • From the outset ensure your house is valued correctly - not too high to put prospective purchasers off and not too low to attract time wasters.

  • Agree a plan for selling your home setting out reasonable price and time parameters.

  • Ensure that quality schedules with effective copy, pictures and layout are provided and displayed online, print and in the TSPC, the runaway local market leader.

  • Relevant newspaper adverts can also be used, subject to cost/timings being agreed.

  • Integrate TSPC Marketing, and any Advertising with effective social media sites.

  • Ensure purchase enquiries are dealt with promptly, viewings fixed efficiently and prospective purchasers made welcome at viewings.

  • Review house sale plan if not proceeding as anticipated based on interest to date.

At Boyles we’ve built up over 40 years of negotiating skills to maximise the sale price of your home.

We are efficient and also transparent with fees, which are very competitive and we always apply a discount if we can but we will not quote on price alone without meeting with you and appraising your property to allow us to assess what you require when selling your property.

If you wish to consider selling your home with us call Call Boyles Property Direct Line on 01382 527169

  • To arrange a home visit/appraisal
  • To arrange a free quote
  • To discuss how to market your Property

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