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Boyles Solicitors Dundee
Boyles Solicitors Dundee

Legal Aid Solicitors

Boyles Solicitors are registered by the Scottish Legal Aid Board and have 40 years’ experience and a solid track record delivering results to clients seeking advice or representation in both Civil and Criminal Law cases through Legal Aid.

What is Legal Aid?

Legal aid is the general term for schemes available to help people cover the costs of legal advice or representation.

All schemes are administered by the Scottish Legal Aid Board.

Do I qualify for Legal Aid ?

Whether you're eligible depends upon a number of factors including a financial eligibility test which is based on the income of the person seeking legal aid and the type of case they require help with.

We recommend calling our team to gain clarity on Legal Aid eligibility and help progress your Legal Aid funding application.

Contact our Legal Aid Lawyers today on 01382 527167 or enquire online here

Legal Aid Advice and Assistance

The advice and assistance scheme allows people on low incomes to get free legal advice and assistance with a number of legal problems such as:

  • Domestic abuse, Divorce and other Family law related issues

  • Accident claims, including giving advice, preparing a case for criminal injuries compensation, getting medical reports.

  • Preparing for tribunals, for example, unfair dismissal and social security tribunals

  • Problems with benefits

  • Debt and Repossession of assets

  • Eviction

  • Problems with your neighbours

  • Asylum seekers or those having problems with immigration.

Advice and assistance does not usually cover representation in court. However, there are a few circumstances where it may - for example, for an employment tribunal or asylum and immigration appeals.

If you are ready to progress your case with Boyles or have any queries relating to Legal Aid advice and assistance please contact our team directly on 01382 527158 or click here to make an enquiry online.

Criminal Legal Aid

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, legal aid can help cover the costs of legal advice from a solicitor and representation in court.

Boyles Solicitors will walk you through the process and ensure you get the level of support and expertise required to defend your case.

Here are some examples where Criminal Legal Aid funding applies:

  • You need a Solicitor to attend a Police station for advice and assistance, whether attending the police station voluntarily or being held there after arrest.

  • You required Advice, assistance and representation by a solicitor acting as a court duty solicitor.

  • You face a jail sentence if convicted and or / are likely to lose your job if convicted

  • You want to appeal against a decision a criminal court made about you

  • You cannot follow what is happening in the trial you do not speak English as a first language

  • You can't follow what's happening in the trial due to mental or physical disability

  • You have been arrested and held in custody until a trial

The Scottish legal system and Legal Aid can be daunting if you're faced with it for the first time which is why Boyles Solicitors offer advice to help put your mind at ease and provide a firm understanding of the Criminal Legal Aid options available to you.

Contact our Criminal Law team today on 01382 527172 or request legal advice online here

Civil Legal Aid

Civil legal aid can cover the expense of legal advice, mediation or representation in court with problems such as housing, debt and family.

Here are some examples cases where Legal Aid can help with Civil Law problems:

  • Road or work accidents - compensation for injuries, damage to vehicle and other losses

  • Housing problems - such as eviction, repairs, rent arrears

  • Debts - to recover debts (over £3,000) by going to court

  • Consumer problems - compensation for faulty goods or services

  • Divorce, dissolution of civil partnerships and disputes about children

  • Immigration, nationality and asylum

  • Discrimination, where you are treated unfairly because of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation

  • Defamation or verbal injury

If your case is likely to go to court, civil legal aid can pay for you to be represented by a solicitor in your case

Boyles Legal Aid team will tell you more in relation to your specific circumstances and eligibility for Civil Legal Aid funding. To arrange and appointment with our Civil Law team please call 01382 527158 or enquire online here

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